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Excelling in her leadership roles in her church in Baltimore, Maryland, Riva Tims was elevated through the levels of ordination as a Deacon, Minister, Elder and eventually she was ordained a Pastor. With humility and generosity of spirit Riva captivates the minds and hearts of God’s children and helps them lead productive purposeful lives.

Through the fruits of her labor, Riva has uniquely “birthed” thousands of “Jewels of Christ”, women of God who are a testament to the incredible anointing on her life. Riva openly expresses her greatest joy in life is being a mother of love and excellence for her children.

In just a few short years, Pastor Zachery and Co-pastor Riva Tims, his wife of 15 years, grew their church of 5 to an astonishing 8,000- member congregation. With a shared passion to win souls to Jesus they married and shortly thereafter ventured out to start a ministry in Orlando, Florida. So our whole goal was to pull people in from the street, not to pull them from other churches, but really to get those that were unsaved.

But the pressure of their meteoric rise would eventually take its toll… And I think the people felt our love, they felt our sincerity, and we were young.

Her lawsuit is completely without merit and we are extremely confident in our legal standing.""In the wake of her divorce from Pastor Zachary Tims in 2009, Pastor Riva willingly signed legal documents releasing all claims over New Destiny Christian Center and left our church to begin her own ministry, literally just a few miles away.

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

She is a Godly role model for her four beautiful children who love the Lord.

Riva’s beauty, gentle spirit and passion for Jesus are an inspiration to those who want to know Him.

A week before Zachery was found dead in a New York hotel room, the couple had a chance to reconcile on a family trip to Puerto Rrico. “He came to me and he said, ‘I’m sorry.’” “He ended up telling his church at a marriage seminar that ‘I believe my wife would have still been with me, and our family would have been okay, if I had listened to better counsel and ran after and fought for my family, instead of running and fighting for the church.” Today pastor riva heads up a new ministry called a candid portrait of how God heals those facing heartbreak and betrayal.

“His blood can cover anything, no matter how dirty, no matter how nasty, no matter how horrible, it will cover.

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That same day, Riva Tims publicly announced that she had filed a lawsuit against NDCC over the leadership decision.

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