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Troy Garity has a propensity for clandestine and secret love affairs and tends to keep his relationships hidden.Troy could find himself in some peculiar relationships where he or his partner could be reluctant to make an external commitment. Node/MC Venus in Leo Venus in 10th house Venus Opposition Jupiter Venus Trine Mars Venus Trine Neptune Venus Opposition Mars/Neptune Photo Credit: Troy Garity's picture is courtesy of Retna / Superior Pics.Troy has high ideals and a refined attitude towards love relationships, seeking to relate in ways that go beyond egotistical and selfish needs.Troy is attracted to people with artistic or mystical inclinations.He is able to see points of similarity and unity with people who are vastly different from him, and befriend many different types of people.He is a considerate and thoughtful friend, and has a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated.Troy Garity may "marry" his work - that is, being more involved in his career than in his private life. Money is liable to be an issue in his life, not because he does not have it, but because Troy Garity cannot or will not hold onto it.Troy Garity has a freehanded, generous, open attitude and would prefer to spend and enjoy and partake in the pleasures of the moment than to save, discipline or budget himself.

His feelings toward others are very loving and Troy is likely to have a lot in common with many of his friends.His relationships have an emotional overtone and Troy Garity has a strong desire to share his feelings with others.His circle of friends is likely to be large and Troy enjoys many pleasant meeting with them.He is rather susceptible to flattery and loves to feel special.Garity enjoys a touch of drama and color in his love relationships and he is impressed by grand romantic gestures or extravagant expressions of generosity.

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