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A beautiful human lady wearing royal clothing embroidered with purple and black stood before her.

Being with Shena was different than being with anyone else; she felt a sense of purpose with her life, and truly was happy.

Rua couldn't bring herself to look or even watch – how pathetic that she was leaving.

Rua was accustomed to being ignored, so she backed into the smithy once the woman peeked inside.

Everything went dark, the sounds of Shena being gutted rang in her ear as unconsciousness claimed her.

As Rua prepared to leave to find her own tales, her father approached.

The two celebrated, and from thenceforth Rua vowed to protect Shena.She has short, red hair that ends at her neck Story: Rua spent the majority of her younger life on the islands, frolicking with her siblings." Rua had spent nearly every silver piece she could muster, and every bit of stamina she had to end up in Macha, the Yefet city.As rehearsed, Rua unsheathed two short swords and approached the table.Afterwards, while walking through Macha, Rua mentally rehearsed what she was to do if certain circumstances arrised.

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