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Volkova allegedly said on Russian TV that she would "condemn" her son if he were gay because "a man has no right to be a "f*g". T.u originally performed together from 1999 to 2011, briefly reuniting earlier this year for the opening ceremony at the Sochi Olympics.

T.u singer Lena Katina has issued a response to her former bandmate Yulia Volkova's recent anti-gay comments.

"I will not change my decision regarding the group and communication with Yulia. The only condition for me is to not come across Yulia anywhere, not in the shooting or the studio, which is why we are flying separately and will be shooting at different times.

T.u., managing the act until 2004, when they both came out and revealed that Shapovalov had implemented the lesbian persona, and that they were even told what to say in interviews. Three Russian language studio albums were put out: 200 po Vstrechnoy, Lyudi Invalidy, and Vesyoyle Ulybki. On 11 July 2012, Volkova's Facebook administrator announced on their t. However, that same day, the administrator announced on their t. It was confirmed it would be released as her first worldwide single.

The duo celebrated their twelve years together, and released two remix albums entitled Waste Management Remixes pt. Many Russian websites started claiming Yulia had left t. She entered the competition together with Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan as a duo with the song "Back to Her Future".

It was announced they were their last albums together, as they would both would pursue solo careers. Russian broadcaster RTR later confirmed her participation among the other 25.

5 years before Katy Perry was batting her fake eyelashes and singing coquettishly about the oh-so-taboo indulgence of a same-sex kiss, two underage Russian pop stars stormed the stage of the MTV Movie Awards with a fleet of girls dressed in schoolgirl uniforms, throwing their fists up in the air riotously and engaging in a massive girl-on-girl make-out session. But as opposed to the sugarcoated, guilty-as-charged wink-wink of Katy Perry, there was never anything cheeky about t. T.u’s music: Rebellious anthems like “Not Gonna Get Us” and “All The Things She Said” provide an earnest charge for two lovers against the world, while songs like the utterly chilling “30 Minutes,” “Stars” and “Show Me Love” capture the anguish and alienation involved in a more forbidden kind of love. I think we had a very strong message, a lot of teens found themselves in our songs.

Upon Julia’s pregnancy with her first child in 2004, when it was quickly “revealed” that the love between the members of t. Others charged that the act was nothing more than a quick way to sell records in the form of fulfilling girl-on-girl fantasies. What was it like working with Martin Kierszenbaum (“Cherry Cherry Boom Boom”)? We laughed, taught him Russian words (sometimes bad words). And then a trip to the United States, seeing the boss. With the album I’m in no hurry, the main thing is it should be something I’ve experienced–especially after all that we did in t.

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