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Then, turn your machine back on and look downwards; is the brushbar rotating again?If it is, great, you can continue with your cleaning, but do be aware of stray socks and crafty curtains next time you vacuum!It’s a very good idea to buy a spare drive belt for such models to keep in your cupboard on standby, as it’s a real pain for this accident to happen when you don’t have a spare at hand.Broken belts or ‘tripped’ reset systems are the most common reasons for a brushbar not turning, but there are some other less common reasons too.Modern upright vacuum cleaners feature a ‘reset’ system for their brushbars, meaning no more changing belts!With the machine unplugged, check for any material trapped across the brushbar and remove, for example carefully cutting away wrapped threads with scissors.Then, turn the machine back on and press the brushbar reset button.You may then have to separately turn the brushbar on again.

I am sure the money that I gave her should last for sometime before moving on to her next victim. she asked to send her mony about 10 times at amounts from 50.00-2800.00 she stoped when i would not send money. Chad (USA) Report N5 (added on June, 17, 2011) I contacted first through Match, her profile was not showing a picture so I asked for one, she asked me to email her outside Match so I accepted to get a picture from her.

Check the user guide for the specific steps for your model.

If your cleaner has a traditional drive belt, your user guide will explain how to check and change the belt.

I guess a sucker is born every day and I was a big one. She claimed to be 36 from Central Mexico but pictures show a caucasian girl in her 20s or younger also she seems to be a model.

James (USA) Report N4 (added on May, 17, 2011) She tryed to get me to pay her bills, buy her webcam and internet fees. Finally I rejected her but I have some pictures and a brief letter from her as proof.

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I gave her over $6500 for every fee including paying her phone bill. The final straw was that she need to have what is commonly known as the BTA fees of $3000 (does not exist in Ghana), I told her now way and she is currently begging and pleading "Help me my love" "Why are you doing this to me".

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