Is ryan ross still dating z berg

Wordcount: 4,101Disclaimer: If you think this is real, or if your RL persona is a basis for these characters, it'd be best for everyone involved if you closed out of this window.A/N: This is my first pairing written for more than words can say for not only running this challenge, but also for the flailing via YIM, text messages and email about this story, the never-ending encouragement, and the amazing beta.-In 2013, Ryan released a 2-track untitled demo EP as well as a couple of other songs through his official Soundcloud page.The description of the page says: "Thanks for waiting.

but, then kinda falling in love in a weird way and maybe even being a little confused by everything, and eventually going their separate ways.Also, holy cow do I know nothing about Z Berg aside from the things Ryan Ross the weirdo has posted about her on Twitter.Except her outfits, which are almost all stolen from The Like's Twitpics. Greta transfers to Hillside High in the middle of her sophomore year, moving from Chicago to Los Angeles after her Mom gets offered a better job.As if by some miracle, Greta is helped to her feet and her books are being gently pushed into her hands.Someone is asking if she is okay, and Greta looks up to say yes, to thank the stranger for their random act of kindness.

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