Serial killer from 1970 dating show

Back in June 2011, Mercer Law graduate Lauren Giddings was brutally murdered and mutilated.

It's frightening to realize that the man cooking with Gill met men through gay websites, lured them somewhere, and then poisoned them.

He actually gave an interview on air once about animal attacks (snippets of which can be viewed here), and watching the video, it's hard to imagine Rader being a twisted serial killer.

He didn't win, which psychologists say would have been extremely infuriating to him, and a month later he sexually assaulted and killed two more people, Peter and Gwenda Dixon, with a shotgun.

He was always quick to anger and was even charged with a misdemeanor count of domestic violence.

After he was accused, Jenkins fled to Canada, where he holed himself up in a shady motel and ultimately killed himself before authorities could apprehend him.

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