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One nurse who gave anonymous testimony of the financial hardship she faces said she has to go the St Vincent de Paul for food vouchers to feed her family and faces eviction due to rent arrears as her husband cannot work.Another nurse said she is 43 years old but her parents must come to her rescue to pay for her children's school and the cost of heating her home."I would be concerned they would even put that proposal to their members.The alternative to putting one additional patient from the emergency department in a ward is for more patients to be boarded in the emergency department.Commenting on the nurses' threat, Dr Peadar Gilligan, an emergency consultant in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, said yesterday it is "anti-patient".He said if it leads to bed closures it will cause greater patient risk.Ms Griffiths said Health Minister Jillian Skinner needed to assess the issue and top up funding for the Western Local Health District accordingly."If a person in the community has a heart attack in Bourke, they have the absolute same right to the same quality of care as they would receive in Liverpool, or Royal North Shore, and I don't believe that could possibly happen," she said."And we'd call on Ms Skinner to become engaged in this situation."We've been constantly told that governments can't fund for the 'what if', but you know I think that the communities of Blayney and Rylstone and these small communities deserve to be funded for the 'what if' and they deserve to know that there is very safe staffing if they arrive and they're very ill."The union said it would ramp up efforts to lobby for more funding if the concerns could not be resolved with the Local Health District.The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO) announced yesterday it will ballot members across the country in the coming weeks, insisting it is the only response left for a workforce "broken" by the daily pressures of under-staffed wards.

Only recently, DNA evidence recovered at the crime scene — in the form of semen, blood or saliva — was assessed as likely belonging to her killer. There was no evidence of forced entry into her two-storey townhouse on Aug. In an exclusive report on Monday, the Star reported that the nurse was active on the dating sites, even though she had a boyfriend."This will lead to huge overcrowding and compromise the delivery of care."If the union takes the action and it applies to the emergency department setting, what happens to the patients? Dr Gilligan, spokesman for consultants in the Irish Medical Organisation, was speaking as the union launched its pre-Budget submission.Asked whether requests for DNA samples could be seen as an invasion of privacy, Leon said the need to solve the case trumps those concerns.“We respect the fact that someone may wish to say no,” he said, but “each and every person who is approached has a moral obligation to participate.”The has also learned that the OPP have studied the Toronto police investigation into the slaying of 10-year-old Holly Jones in 2003 and how police caught the man after he refused to provide a DNA sample.Michael Briere, who was 35 at the time of his arrest, was one of only two men out of 300 who refused to provide a sample and aroused suspicion because of it.

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