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And then you just have to decide: “Well, do I really want to read about flying kids? ”’ Patterson books encompass six separate, ongoing series of novels, including the Maximum Ride and Daniel X books for young adults, and regular stand-alone summer blockbusters – in addition to television and film projects.

He has so far sold an estimated 170 million worldwide and in 2009 proved, for the second year running, to be the author most frequently borrowed from British libraries.

In about 1979, when Patterson was 32, his girlfriend Jane, who was three years his senior, developed a brain tumour; she died two and a half years later. His blood pressure escalated dramatically and he developed Bell’s Palsy.

He stopped being able to write and would not produce another book for years.

There are a lot of people who have the talent, but haven’t been shown the door to walk through. James Patterson and Ann Patchett were named the inaugural ambassadors for the Book Industry Charitable (BINC) Foundation and hope to increase awareness of BINC’s commitment to financial assistance for bookstore employees.

I’m going to pick one student from my online Master Class to be my next co-author.

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