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What I did do, was to ring Western Union, talked to their fraud department, told them I thought I'd been scammed by a man pretending to be a woman, and they have blacklisted the name I sent the money to, so at least for that particular identity, he won't be able to get any money from Western Union again.Western Unions attitude was, these people have loads of fake id's if one stops working, they'll use another one!Basically, these people, live of our vulnerabilities, our desire to love and be loved, that inner spirit that cares for our fellow men, these leeches feed on that.We're talking about countries where there is no employment, poverty is everywhere, and they've discovered the internet as a means to make money, by whatever devious tricks they can use.They use photos stolen from the internet, of innocent people, images and photos your friends and mine may put up to share with their friends, they steal these and pretend to be something we may desire.I sent the money to the girl (man) on tuesday, and she has n't been online or replied yet, there's always a pause in communication, almost creating a wanting in oneself for the person, and in the meantime, I'm sending her emails asking her did she get the money, how is her mum, did she pay the hospital the money so she could get the job, and all the time, this person, imagined in my head, is probably some teenager sitting in an internet cafe with his mates, creating a web of thick lies which swallows me up in a make belief world of trying to help someone else in the world who is less fortunate than I.We have been planning for years, professing love and intentions. 2 days ago I found out from her sister, who could no longer bare the lying, that she lived with another man and was using me all these years for money. She said her name was Helena (never would tell me her last name..flag number one), that she was a model, and was recently divorced.I have lost 4 years of my life, all of my hopes and dreams for a wife and children, and am suicidal. I too was recently divorced, so we had common things to talk about.

So,it's not only Nigeria and Russia now that is involved with romance scams. Femi_________________Learn about how thousands of people are losing millions of dollars monthly to romance scams, and how you can avoid becoming a victim at

please forward if you have any more information on these kinds.

thanks Rachel I live in the UK and just recently been the subject of a scam, by a Romanian girl, who I learnt too late, was actually a man posing as a girl, and I had actually sent money, I lost around £600 (1100 euros), which I sent to this girl via Western Union to help her out.

She told me she couldn't pick up a money wire because she did not have photo ID.

She said her passport had an outdated address on it, and she couldn't update it, as she was technically homeless.

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