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This movie is very much of its time, though not just because of all the groovy clothes and talk about hippies.The cinematography and acting style all seem very dated.Less action than the Zatoichi series, but a far more realistic portrayal of blindness.[Review from Devo Girl]A documentary about blind mountain climbers in Tibet.Jill is a free spirit, but her flightiness is a mask for real emotional scars.And even Don's mother who comes off as a stereotype at first grows and changes over the course of the film. [Review from Devo Girl]Set in 1930s Shanghai, this 2005 Merchant/Ivory movie stars Ralph Fiennes as a former US diplomat who lost his family and eyesight in a terrorist bombing.As the hike becomes increasingly difficult, tempers flare in the group—are they doing this hike for the kids, or for themselves?

The love story is moving and beautiful, and Val Kilmer is definitely one of my celebrity crushes.

Based on a Broadway play, this movie tells the story of a young blind man in 1960s San Francisco who, desperate for independence, moves into his own apartment in order to live by himself for the first time.

The hippie chick next door (played by Goldie Hawn) teaches him to free his mind.

The clever quips are charming but also are very typical of a Broadway play. While it seemed stiff in many ways, the characters are amazingly complex.

Don, the young blind man, doesn't just want to be independent of his mother but rather wants to be treated like a regular person by everyone.

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