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Enterprise social 2.0 is the latest trend in connecting business organizations and involves social and networked modifications to corporate intranets and other classic software platforms used by large companies to organize their communication, in turn increasing efficiency.

Online Social Networking in India relates to formation of friends, family or partners who use variety of tools to interact with each other.

Thus social media intelligence helps to reach certain objectives set by the company and makes the user experience better.

At the same time enterprise social 2.0 is helping companies with a platform for employees to share and exchange data and other correspondence efficiently while providing a structured platform.

The popularity of online social networking in India today could not have been achieved without the basic features that are found in most websites.

Today there are billions of registered users on hundreds of social networking sites and the number is growing every day.

Small or amateur users can use this technology on a small scale by using free social network analysis software available on the internet.

There are websites which has a collection of social media industry report, helping companies formulate and execute social networking strategy for business.

Social media monitoring companies makes use of network monitoring solutions to provide insights to various service providers and help them to make social network marketing plan which helps them achieve various goals.

And with this information they archive the social media industry report for future reference with help them to interpret the future trends and culture followed by the user base.

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The large workforce and the relatively cheaper costs of labor are also positive things that companies take note of in their expansion to the country.

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