Is tori vega dating beck

[walks off] Tori Vega: [to Beck in the play] So, Tommy...

[claps his hands excitedly] Beck Oliver: You know how you used to talk about that bully, the one who used to beat you up when you were seven? And I hated that beefy little witch, and her mean face!

Jade soon spills that this boy is her son, and is Beck's baby.

And when they find Jade and a three almost four year old boy, lots of questions are to be answered.

Aren't you havin' a fun time eatin' raisin brain together?

[Beck talks with his mouth full] Jade West: Just be careful now, Mr. ' Cause who knows what terrible things could happen if that continues.

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[he gives a sign, and a pretty girl comes from behind] Robbie Shapiro: You bought me a girl?

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