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This makes quite a comparison to how many young people organize their first dates, which usually involve meeting up in a bar.Several of today’s dating services are built specifically around this concept: Grouper, for example, hooks up groups of young people in bars and offers them a free first drink as part of the package. The fundamental premise behind most dating services for young people is that the ultimate goal is to find love and marriage.More than any other activity, dinner is where older adults feel the isolation of being alone most strongly.

And always being the lone single person when your married friends want to catch up for dinner starts to become a little tiresome.This means that there are more seniors and baby boomers than ever before looking for some companionship to fill the void of their prior partner.Because no matter how old you get, one thing about human nature never changes: nobody likes feeling lonely.Maybe this is because older adults are wise enough to know that looks have very little to do with whether someone is going to be a kind, loving and caring companion.Maybe it’s because the physical nature of attractiveness changes when you get older, or maybe they know that being “hot and sexy” is more a function of your personality than how you look.

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