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Its the embodiment of America: a celebration and a soundtrack. Nicholas Barnard and James Merrells painstaking location work in Europe and America has yielded dazzling colour photographs of tribal and folk art beautifully harmonized with the best of Western design.Tracing country musics origins from the Anglo-Celtic immigrants who adapted their native folk songs to the life they found in the southeastern United States, Colin Escott weaves a warm and fascinating account of a music that continues to reflect people and places throughout Americas heartland. The art of primitive peoples ceramics and textiles, masks and metalware, baskets and carvings was once dismissed in the West as heathen and crude; but opinions have now been completely transformed.

Description: A Record of Dispatches Broadcast by the BBCs War Correspondents with the Allied Expeditionary Force 6 June 1944 . From the introduction: The War Report was first broadcast in the BBCs Home Service after the 9 oclock news on D Day, June 6th, 1944.So Inspector James is off to the family seat in Dorset, with his pretty wife, his several lively children, and their enormous dog, Mr Bones; and Honeybody, who opportunely recalls that his grandfather, a Dorset man himself, had once worked on that case.James and Honeybody have a highly enjoyable time, digging into bar-room gossip and the reminiscences of the oldest inhabitants, and even into folk memory. Or is the thing we call human nature a social construct? Is there a genetically determined core of humanity that unites us all as members of a single species?

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A comprehensive directory lists galleries where such art can be seen, and retailers from whom it can be obtained.

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