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And being with your kids will provide you with all the motivation you need to keep working through challenging concepts.

This is worth repeating: always keep your laptop--or other device you use for school work-- fully charged.

If you are thinking about going back to college some day, make that some day now.

If you are motivated enough to make a pro/con list about taking college courses, you are motivated enough to go back to college. If you want to earn your degree, now is the time for you to sign up for var _undecided Id = '#undecided Id'; var _undecided Value = 'Undecided College'; var _college Typeahead = '#target_college_typeahead_request_info'; var _school Name = '#target_college_hidden_name'; function _init Transcript Autocomplete() function _init Undecided() function _on Undecided Click(event) J(document).ready(function () ); var _j = j Conflict(); var AMP = "&"; var com = ; var _form = com.straighterline.

Feed your dog a treat every time you finish a problem set.

Do what you gotta do, just don’t make excuses for not finishing your homework.

Taking refresher college-level courses in subject areas where you lack confidence or recent experience like English, or college algebra or calculus is a sure-fire way to build a sold academic foundation for the rest of your college career.

After all, when was the last time you wrote a term paper, solved a polynomial or used a footnote?

Taking low-cost, self-paced online college courses will allow you to move as quickly through the material as you want without going into debt; with Straighter Line it is completely possible that you could complete a college course in a few weeks for the cost of a babysitter and a night out!

Remember, monkey-see, monkey-do – inspire your little ones to earn a college degree just like their mom or dad.

Seeing you study at the kitchen table will teach your kids important life lessons.

An “in-it to win-it” modern day college student should know where all Wi-Fi hotspots are at all times in order to maximize their ability to study anywhere, anytime.

If you know where Wi-Fi hotspots are, you can easily finish a problem set at gymnastics practice, read a chapter while eating lunch, ask a tutor a question during story time, finish a quiz while riding the city bus, practice study questions at the park, work on your Spanish pronunciation at the pool, or finish a practice test on a trip.

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