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You would think that a director as famous as Steven Spielberg was born with a camera in his hand. Born in Cincinnati on December 18, 1946, and raised in the suburbs of Haddonfield, New Jersey and Scottsdale, Arizona, Spielberg began making films as a pre-teen.He would charge admission to see them, while his sister sold popcorn.Is this seemingly grueling environment conducive to getting it on? Check out this list of famous couples who found love– or just lust– on-set.Some couples have been lucky like Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, who’ve been together now for 25 years!Because of this, Universal signed him to a 7 year contract in the Television department, making him the youngest director ever to be signed to a long term deal by a major Hollywood studio.After the small success of the made-for-TV into a feature.The couple have given to charity in numerous ways and have helped inspire future filmmakers to succeed.

His statutes could fill a garage and all his accolades are too long to mention here, but what is more remarkable is his continued love for Kate and his family.Capshaw stopped performing in 2002 to raise the children while Spielberg continues to produce and direct.With the incredible wealth and success (Forbes recently placed his personal net worth at .2 billion) that Steven has achieved throughout his career, his place among Hollywood’s icons is secure.He found a janitors closet, converted it to his own private office and began working on a film.The security guards saw him so often on the lot, they assumed he actually worked there.

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