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You can find the latest official SAX downloads at Source Forge.If you view DOM as a high-level way of accessing an XML document, then you can think of SAX as a very low-level way of accessing the document.This results in a considerably smaller memory footprint while parsing large documents.Writing SAX-based parser code is considerably more difficult than writing DOM code.

A SAX parser does not read in an entire XML document before allowing you to process the data.

Instead, it fires specific events back into your code as it encounters different elements in the XML document. When you write code using a SAX parser, you must add a content handler to handle the different events.

As the SAX parser parses the document, events such as start of document, start of element, end of element, content characters parsed, and so on, are fired into your content handler.

However, St AX 2 is not the product of formal specification.

A St AX 2 parser implements the full St AX 1.0 specification in addition to the extensions.

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DOM works great when the XML documents are relatively small.

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