How long dating before moving in

Should I date around to have some rebounds or is that even fair for the next woman, or just dating does not mean I am getting serious and will get me back on the scene?????

Doug I'd say once you have no more unresolved feelings about your ex such as sadness, anger , hurt, resentment or sabotage, and you can thank her for your time together and truly wish her happiness (not sarcastically, but you REALLY want to see her happy) then you're ready for something new.

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I dated a girl for 7 months and left her after I found out she was unfaithful and either way our relationship was going downhill. This is not saying that I did not care for her and wanted things to work out but after the act of cheating she could no longer be trusted.

He kept his apartment (shared with a friend) but after about 6 months or so, he officially changed his address and moved into my place. I definitely was not planning on ever moving in with any boyfriend of mine EVER! living with someone is a huge (and important) step, IMHO. because my SO doesn't believe in cleaning the bathroom.... I like spending this time getting to know him, and having my space to figure my own life out. My bf is also pretty traditional and I think respects me more this way. I have found stuff out about ex's that turned me off after 3-4 months. That was a good time to make the leap for us, after 2 years we knew we were pretty committed to each other.

it was kinda want me there, we have to be married. It worked out the way it did and I am no longer paying 550 dollars a month for a tiny apartment that I was never at anyway. Working out stuff in me that could be a problem later for us, you know? ( I believe that) So no need to rush the me time into us time all the time. She calls it 'playing wife instead of being wife, or 'a cheap and easy alternative'. Couldn't imagine being in a lease with them @ that point. That's why I see dating as ...'getting to know you, not combining my life with you. We're still together (been 4 years total now) and now that we know we are good living together, I'm starting to think about marriage...

My bf (of 7.5 years now) and I started living together sometime in the first 6 months we were together, but it was an informal arrangement (no shared lease) at the beginning.

But this time, it really felt right and I'm glad I did it. Never pegged myself to be one of those people who would move this quickly on all fronts - moving in, marriage, etc.The alternative of living with your ex (something that quite a few of my friends have gotten stuck doing) is a rare form of torture!When I met my bf, I had just bought my own condo so right away, he was spending several nights a week at my place.We officially moved in together after dating for 10-11 months or so, but had known each other for years and were already planning to get married at that point.I had lived with one man previously, after dating for a year or so.

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He was a good roommate but a crappy boyfriend, and we split around a year later.

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