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That’s just what you have to do when you are invited to join Linx, an exclusive dating service located in the Silicon Valley.This off line old world style dating service is done by referral only.(At present, Linx has matched about 50 couples currently in exclusive relationships, and on average, is responsible for about 10 marriages per year.) Meanwhile, Kelleher International, which brands itself as an executive search firm for singles, runs an invitation-only CEO Club.They organize elite outings for networking and charity, such as a ,000 field trip to an exclusive yacht party that sets sail to Richard Branson’s Necker Island.This is just a peek into the Linx Dating database of more than a thousand Silicon Valley singles.

Furthermore, Andersen's team offers private date-coaching, image makeovers, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, fitness training and online dating profile-writing.“They are always in search of someone better in their dating life,” she says.Andersen advises clients to “invest the time to see each date through, instead of looking over their match’s shoulder for the bigger, better deal.” Related: Love-Related Apps for the Busy Entrepreneur Not everyone can join Andersen's matchmaking pool, though there's plenty of variety in its ranks.“It’s a common misconception that these men are all nerdy, when in fact many of these bachelors don’t need much coaching because they’re already worldly and cultured.” Related: The 10 Most Eligible Bachelors of Silicon Valley Kelleher says the real reasons these billionaire bachelors enlist her help is because many of them share these resonating qualities: Andersen, who founded Linx in 2003, agrees that these bachelors “want it all." She adds that they’re “very accustomed to controlling things and getting what they want,” and as a result, “want the entire package in their dates.” What holds back some of these bachelors – many of whom are highly educated and analytical – is that they apply the same skills that gave them career success to their romantic lives, she says.“That does not always work because we’re dealing with matters of the heart.” In addition, Andersen says it’s becoming harder to match the younger wave of entrepreneurs because their eyes are glued to their smartphone and they’re easily distracted.

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