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But James Brundage, a professor of history and law at the University of Kansas, said the response was "interested but skeptical, very skeptical." Professor Brundage, the author of "Law, Sex and Christian Society in Medieval Europe" (University of Chicago Press), said, "The mainstream reaction was that he raised some interesting questions, but hadn't proved his case." Will the book be examined with the seriousness with which it was written?Not only do skeptics about Professor Boswell's thesis worry, but so does Professor Hexter.Professor Boswell's book will certainly provoke a sharp debate about what these same-sex ceremonies were solemnizing.From the spread of Christianity through the ancient world to the late Middle Ages, different Christian cultures stretching from Syria to Ireland featured a variety of social bonds not even vaguely paralleled in modern society.

My gynecologist says you should not put anything in your vagina that you would not put in your mouth. Grace: Frankie, well, Guy and I just made plans for him to have another orgasm tonight. There is no question that Professor Boswell has found records of ceremonies consecrating a pairing of men, ceremonies often marked by similar prayers and, over time, by standardized symbolic gestures: the clasping of hands, the binding of hands with a stole, kisses, receiving holy communion, a feast after the ceremony.Some of these ritual actions also marked heterosexual marriages, but there remained differences in both actions and words between the two ceremonies.Boswell, may create a readiness to accept those interpretations. Boswell's 1980 book, "Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality" (University of Chicago Press), which maintained that Christianity was not originally or inherently hostile to homosexuality?That volume is treated as a definitive text by many people demanding changes in social and religious attitudes toward homosexuality.

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