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There, an exchange of words ensued, and the girl with the smartphone captured the situation using her phone.

It seems that after this, Yamapi took the girl’s phone.

It seems that this woman has gotten quite comfortable with Nishikido.

There is a possibility that Yamashita Tomohisa may be arrested!

What follows is this: Yamapi and Akanishi tried to calm down Nishikido, who was still spewing threats.

But the opposing group got excited and said “If we stay here, we’ll get noticed by the press.” So, they moved to a back alley where no one was around.

The smartphone that was said to be stolen has now moved from a charge of theft to property damage.

When smiling, she resembles Hamasaki Ayumi and has a model’s figure.According to someone who was at Club N, after this Akanishi and crew along with the non-celebrity group went to a private room at Club N and were assumed to have settled things.However, the next day, the couple submitted a damage report to the police station, and the report was accepted.From here, it has been reported as something that merely happened with just Akanishi and crew along with the group of non-celebrity men and women.However, if there is no non-celebrity person on Akanishi’s side, there is no way for him to know what happened.

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But because that smartphone was broken, the charge was moved from a theft charge to a property damage charge.

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