Christian long distance dating advice

Don’t wing it, plan ahead Nothing is more important than being upfront about the expectations from the relationship and pitching in efforts to achieve the same in reality.

Research has shown that a potent wave of optimism about a desirable future and planning to achieve it helps long distance lovers to cope better with the long distance dynamic. Greg Guldner, director of the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships and author of . Guldner explains that nearly 70% of LDR couples who didn’t anticipate changes — or talk through their game plan for dealing with them — broke up within six months.

But what tends to be overlooked in these overt and blatant steps to bridge the miles between both of you is an actual, REAL enhancement of the quality of your relationship.

We pored over dozens of dissertations and social science studies in the realm to draw up a unique list of long distance relationship advice which is surprisingly simple and bolsters relationship satisfaction levels by twice its former value.

What was it that made my friend’s long distance relationship successful?

After looking over much of the research on the subject and speaking with her, the following dating tips appear to be key: Overall, if you follow these dating tips, your long distance relationship will be a blessed and exciting experience even if the dating relationship ends.

But, like we said in our comprehensive guide to make your long distance relationship thrive, distance isn’t really the hardest part of a long distance relationship.

Researchers Scroller and Maynard maintain that expressing your love, in ways more than one, is key to keeping the spark alive in a relationship strained by the rigors of time and space.

More often than not, the heartache of separation and the overwhelming pain of not being together begins to override one’s commitment to keep things going.

To avoid things from reaching a stage where the chemistry begins to fizzle out, Scroller advises REAL expression of emotions.

A simple ‘I love you’ might just not make the cut and is oftentimes tantamount to a slap in the face.

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