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My dad was on the Chamber of Commerce and told me how nice a fellow he was, albeit a tad excentric. Like the ones "down the shore." Darn, am I getting old. So sorry to see that this great bakery is no longer around. Just like Eileen from February 27, 2008, I've been looking for them, as well with obviously no success. Consider me a regualar of this site from this point on. In fact, I even remember that "skeet-ball" game that "Pm R Guy" talks about! They were absolutely the best store doughnuts ever! And I agree with that mjb42758 guy when it comes to the plains. Anyone else out there have any places for Nick that might come close to our old favorites? ) I believe "Doughboy" is talking about the donut place on 35N in Lavallette. I've been thinking about and looking for these donuts for years. It's pretty sad how the best items are the first to go when company's put profits ahead of quality. Today folks use almost every sort of alcoholic beverage including Baileys Irish Cream, brandy and bourbon. Know Dutch remembers that, or was he too stoned like the rest of us. Yes, it's me, Cape May Cap and I loged into this page 8/26/09. Made tons of calls to Tastycake and it looks my my hard work payed off. Pease and love to all and God Bless all going through so very hard times. but there was that time back in '86 when Walt and I laid down 10 ft of skid marks from the forklift then next to the forks drew a white chalk outline of a body and stratigically placed a pair of glasses (Dutch wore glasses back then) a briefcase and loose papers all of which was roped off by yellow police tape. He pinched himself and walked away so I guess he convinced himself all was well. Couldn't help but read some great posts and fell back in love with this page. My love, Maple Man, also said their most likely was a Strawberry Dutch Mill as well and the others. Makes us wonder why the so called Dutch can't remember his own donuts. For some reason nobody can make 'em like Dutch Mill. But for however short this is up there, we LOVE U DUTCH MILL! He said they'd even have a box or two in the break room. Was watching this scene from what movie when I got the text regarding this page. With all the "Tubular" "Totally" and "Tripindicular" talk it really brought me back to that loved era when I wore a younger man's clothes and of course was filled our beloved donuts. Mapes and I play a little when he flies us out to Cali and call ourselves the Maypos or Mapes! And don't forget to think of us when you climb Pinwheels Vista! Two old friends from New Jersey told me the little old blue box was a big think on the net. One of you guys wrote about how the plain turned into UFO's. Wish I had several thousand tons of those jewels to drop on those Gouls, Goblins and Warlocks down @ Tasty.....sorry, still getting over the 14th anniversary (Oct. Great to have you aboard Bill, grew up in Wayne Valley so know Packanack lake well. Sounds as if there were some real Patriots working there as well. Used to get these at a Salvation Army gathering when I was not doing well. Someone's mom stood up and said she was "grateful to my two boys." Please give to the Salvation Army. Hit the Pinwheel Vistas GMBoyzz/Mapes and left a Dutch Mill calling card in the log book. Try to hike Sam's Point/Ice Caverns in Pine Bush area, unbelieveable view of the lower Hudson Valley and with a pair of binoculars even the NYC skyline and on a clear day even the silty smoke from that Cement Company in Philadelphia burning and churning out those Krimpets and Kandykakes. seemed like an endless list of public/show biz/athletic figures inadvertantly teaching good behavior and character to the youth... Dough Boy 1917 & Tom Hanks come to mind but the endless parade of poor role models seems endless across all industries and society as a whole... John, I was at the Process Expo in Vegas last month and saw a Belshaw Cutter exactly like ours--brought back plenty of memories...could be yours for a price ya know Dutch:).... To everyone of the Dutch Mill Legion of Dunkers - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! All the best to you and your family, who must be - grown up! Thank you for this site, which brings pride to my heart.

We also began dating in 1980 and our first "date" took place during the replay of the boys from the U. We already knew the result, but it was like we were there and it was live! Now let us focus on bringing these marvels of cookery back, shall we. When I was younger I would go to the factory every Sunday for the pick up, and the owners would let me eat the donuts fresh off the line!!! We need a baking company that represents what Dutch Mill used to be. I received information regarding this page from a friend, who in turn, received it from an additional friend. it's a take off from Werner Heisenberg's contribution to elementary particle physics! And speaking of physics and chemistry, let's bring back into production the formula for the best donuts of all time: Dutch Mill. I miss Dutch Mill too much for have faith in you guys, Karen & Andrew. We do have a plan and it will be revealed on Sunday, May 16th. We even called Tastykake and asked if they heard anything about Dutch Mil making a come back. And this was an Italian household where we knew how to cook and bake! We've come out, and , for the record , let all true Dutch Mill fans know our place: Bourbon BBQ Hickory Steakhouse on 529 Goffle Road in Wyckoff. What Dragon teeth, that like Harry Potter or something. I shall mobilize my forces and attempt the above recipe General EM has so generously posted. Hope you are-Went to a ball game and someone outside was selling deep fried donuts. And like the reference to that beloved eatery on Main Street in Hanover, but I'm not a Dartmouth man. But fact-check with the experts if you don't believe me. Great to hear from you Green MBz and do hope all the best for you and Godspeed with good health. Maple of the Heathers, are gonna take on the challenge. So funny I received this email regarding the famous Dutch Mills Donuts. We stopped making them late 2001 so the show will have a great time dated prop.... It's been a long time, and Mapes and I had to regroup but "The Mapos" are back, Thanks again Donut Man EM for the nickname! Mapes and I are in love and not just with each other but Dutch Mill. A picture of the real Dutch would be great if it's OK Oky Dokie with his family since he passed on. If "Doughboy 1917" sees this response he would state it was as if the famous Norman Lindsey WWI Australian recruitment poster "THE TRUMPET CALLS" just got plastered all over the cyber bathroom wall....(by no means is that an insinuation that's where DM fans hang out it was merely a figure of speech..we were TRULY talking about bathroom walls we would also have to mention all the Tasty products that are produced within said walls--but I digress.) --- TO GM Boyz & The Mapes: The Cerimonial Dutch Mill Bugle is here by presented to you on behalf of all the remaining Dutch Mill employees for your comittment on blowing the Dutch Mill Call To Arms and rallying the troops. It's a small hot dog chain that's out of this world! I heard a small group wants to buy the old recipe along with the trademark and begin making them again! I've also consulted a past employee in management with Dutch Mill and was informed that Tasty was very concerned, at the time of the takeover, that the old recipes would be allowed to continue. she said she gained this knowledge from her husband who used to live off them; and yet the man ran marathons! wuweiwarrior and Merrily have it right about the powdered cinnamon. But as an educated man, Let's celibrate "Pi Day" which is, of course, March 14th. ~~The older manager told me and my cousin that the owner, who was a real eccentric character, had this VERY expensive liquid he added to the pound cakes! Their mumber is: 1 (800) 338-2789 Now lets melt those phone lines!!! Had the pleasure to stay after Dutch left in '99 but also the sadness on Oct. Not a sadder picture in my mind than that empty building as I walked out for the last time. Don't claim to be the expert on donuts or Dutch Mill, but it is clear to me nobody then or now comes close to Dutch Mill's overall quality. This took place 96 years ago today: The History Place - World War I .... Yes, I remember when the neighbor stole our Dutch Mill donuts. That said, a dead Dutch and a part-time Dutch Mill worker would have done, and still would, do a MUCH better job that the disgrace we have now. But then again, you're probably a fat-f*buck, Big Brain, so maybe you were just looking to promote yourself. Has been a great month; and great year for the best page in history! And you young people who believe complaining is the road to success and achievement takes place in a protest line instead of long hours at a real job; we'll pray for you to see the light. It's been said before, but donut & coffee people are very smart. That's when our core group got together at Bill on the Hill and stayed together. Funny story, after purchasing us Tasty hired a professional customer preference outfit to conduct a rather extensive marketing test. Remember when they, Dunkin' Donuts plain had a little "Ring" bump on them? They are there when the country calls them and they spring into action. Men are no longer men, according to him; and he's right! Good Morning my fellow Americans, my precious Dutch Mill Donut lovers. Our four kids are all grown; we have seven grandchildren. I'm consulting for businesses including bakeries now. Sounds great since they were indeed some of the best store bought donuts ever made. Tasty did not want competition; particularly from a superior product. Dutch Mill's cinnamon, like all their products, were to die for. For those of you at Dartmouth, the equation Pi begins: 3.14 ... ~~It wcame from a very tiny container, but made the pound cake, in his view, better.~~That's the kind of time and effort and good old American know-how the Dutch Mill gang put into their glorious products.~~I have no doubt these guys will make it back!! Back in the 1980’s I was on a Church counsel with 8 other parishioners. Therefore, we won't somebody, or rather, why can't somebody now a days make a donut that comes anywhere close to the ball park of Dutch Mill in terms of fantastic taste? October 13, 1918 - The Germans engage in a general retreat along a 60-mile portion of the Western Front in France stretching ... Shout out to my big brother in Virginia now who asked if I remember. Him and "Hair-plug-Joe" from the ship-hole state of his. Stay well Heather and Mapes and don't eat too much bark down there. My brother and I used to laugh at their dumb saying. We wanted to write them and ask if they would create a multi-colored sprinkle donut but eventually came out with a muli-munchkin style. Partied, got it on and ate Dutch's gold in a box This is not real, for we lived for the zeal, of that tasty meal, that was more than real. This was a test conducted with Entemenn's buyers only and after a blind tasting of 5 different brands of donuts well over 70% choose DM.... The best part was after the test the participants were asked to compare the following baking companies to a car manufacturer..... Whatever donut you say "comes close" you'll catch heck, "not hell" bad word. Keep sending me Donut Spam and I'll keep spamming back with 60s music. His loves his county, the simple things in life and those "Eddies" like his father who made this Nation the best place on earth. HOWEVER, Tastykake's concern is that a small perecntage of their customer base, even 5 to 10 percent, would abandone their low end products once they discovered the supremacy of the Dutch Mill product. I entered this webpage and was astonished at how many faithful, articulate and eloquent people chose to remember these fine donuts; and do so in such an academic manner. My husband and I are here with our daughter whose best friend is supporting the Cross Country Ski Team from Norway. But she finally admitted that these store bought cake donuts were her absolute favorite and the best thing she’s ever had in her mouth; besides Odin in carnate which, of course, is Moi. I'd also take a box to work with me every friday like I did in the glory days of the 80'all see the "hot tub movie" with joh cusak, is that his nane. maybe obama can give some of that stimulus money toward something that will actually work, like bringing back a real dontut. I'll never forget their box with the windmill and light blue and white coloring. Why do people hate and not want to work on a solution? Andrew is a bit upset about some of the negative comments. "Jumping Jack flash is a gas, gas and you know." I'm gonna regreat this the next day. I mean, take a look at what's on the market now a days and this product can't fail. Hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but 0,000 isn't that much in today's business world. Especially not overwhelmed by those ignorant as to real capital investment strategies. And, I'm still hot and have 'the bod.' How'd you like a Cogar, Dutch. Got some terrific recipes of pound cakes, muffins and cookies if anyone is interested...wink, wink. Do you know it was built for the Canadians that fought in WWI? had over 200,000 of our boys wounded and close to 53,000 gave their lives to our cause. Wish I was there, with Heather the Maple Girl in a skimpy outfit, wataching Tastykake's idiot manager blow his head like a Saturn Five booster, boy! " as Quite Riot said when I first went off to college and became a Dutch Mill fan. I wish I could go back, even for a day, to enjoy the company and taste of yesteryear. " My friends know the creators of this wonderful show. Let's not cast dispersions against a company whose only crime is the inability to remake products commensurate to the quality echelon set by Dutch Mill. You don't walk into a Hyundai dealer and ask for a Rolls Royce. Live and let live people."Can't we all just get along?! When you're dating one of their skiers, I guess you have to support the entire team. I think these prepubescent-double-entendres are becoming just a tad to evident to anyone with even a mild sensation of scrutiny. Please tell me someone has a picture of their awesome product in its original packaging!! I have so many great memories eating these great things with wonderful friends. But for those of you that had nice comments, Thank you! Our cards are on the table and we have said our piece. The mere mention of their name caused this one sorry woman to soil herself. Maybe, if this were 1921, that amount might make some difference. And if you do open this joint, with the Dutch Mill formula, Jag, please get on this web page and let everyone know!!! Let's all meet somewhere and get in on a corporate deal or something. I've never had a better product and by the looks of this page I can tell many more feel that way. You'll just have to make a 250 lb batch so invite some friends. Because of Canada's relationship with England, you honorable Maple Leafs mobilized some 620,000 fighting boys from 1914-18. Our American Yanks, "Doughboys" sent some 1,000,000 from 1917-18. And God Bless Canada's Billy Bishop for his 72 victories. And I love the "Philadelphia Cement Company" comparision, Donut Dude!!! It's actually an insult to cement companies that would like to made donuts! I have a fever, and the only cure is more cowbells Used to laugh at the over enjoyment and promotion of this page, but now I'm in; all in. 1986 was when I met my first major boyfriend and he bought me wine coolers and Dutch Mill. I asked him to ask Vince Gilligan if they could put a box of Dutch Mills on a table when Saul is having a meeting with a potential client. Maybe it can be an older box Saul Good ---- Love the show, if you can get a definite answer from them that they will put in the scene I can fold up an old box I have and put.....

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But it's the Dutch Mill donuts themselves that made history! Think Jane Fonda without the insane-radical-self righteous-spoiled rich girl-commie politics. Rest in Peace my old genius buddy that has made it into the next world. My husband, too even thought he never actually had a Dutch Mill product. Keep hearing about "this secret plan." Well bring it on. What's good for their pocket books is all that matters as we eat first rate industrial waste. Dutch Mill died and the economics of the situation are better off for it. Just give up and play dead like the idiots that sold out because they couldn't take the competition. Clink in his Dirty Harry movies would eat hot dogs and hamburgers and would have been A Big, BIG Dutch Mill donuts fan. They will eventually come back in some why, shape or form. Thinking abut these Dutch Mill products brings a smile to my face. this is a money machine if they come back, that much it true, but can everyone be relied upon? My brother out in San Francisco told me they had a websight for Dutch Mill and I thought he was pulling my leg. I also like how you guys give advice on where other great donuts shops are. In the mean time, keep the faith my Dutch Mill brother and sisters. I mean, "come on man," even you can admit the "donuts" out there now a not second, but third rate. If only that diligent preparation and foresight were used today.... And thank you donutman EM for a recipe we'll be bathing in tonight! Can't believe we're talking to the man that made the magic, donutman EM! I love when Hanibal, in the movie by the same name, is wheeling "the bad FBI boss" into the kitchen, after he made him eat his own brain, and he waves his hand saying ... SERIOUSLY, can somebody put a YOUTUBE video of making Dutch Mill in smaller batches? People just starred as if they say a dinosaur in real life. NOT Donut Man EM.that's ok.probably don't know what "moniker" means. Jeez it's been such a long timme; like the song says, "It's been such a long time ..." Who knows that lyric? But the name I want up on our super market shelves is: DUTCH MILL DONUTS! Hopefully, I won't be as incompetent as Crocked Hillary when it comes to my e-mails! Let's get back to work and stop hating the country we love! Thanks for the great attention Green Mountain Girland Donuthead EM along with the great names you give to all the faithful. Would not even call it real food Know it's weird, but got a call from my nephew. My wife just put on the oven and I thought I smelled Dutching Delights. We should bring back those good times, but I don't think the wife would like it(Dutch Mill WAS the legend back then, but times change.

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