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Similarly, sometimes you might have a dream about having sex with a man – maybe a professor, someone you work with, a guy in one of your classes, even a family member.It doesn’t mean you want to have sex with him either. If you’re interested in learning more about dreams, a great (academic) book is “Working with Dreams in Psychotherapy” by Clara Hill.Maybe it just means that you want closeness with your friend, or you enjoy spending time with her, or maybe it has nothing to do with her at all!It could be that your body was feeling aroused at the time – men and women both show genital arousal about every 90 minutes during sleep; men have erections during this time and women often lubricate.

In addition, many people who identify as homosexual dream about people of another gender.

"When we're sleeping, the controls of our conscious mind are turned off," says Dr. So as the brain sorts through our different experiences, trying to cross-reference memories (Is the day this happened the same day that happened? Breus, it's easier to recall a dream when you wake up in the morning, versus, say, in the middle of the night.

), it puts them together in strange and unusual ways (hence, our weird dreams) until it finds a connection that fits—and stores it in our memory bank. If you wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, you'll likely remember a dream, but if you snooze through until the next one, you probably won't. Age can play a role as well: REM sleep decreases as we get older—kids need more of its stimulation for brain development than adults—causing dreams to become less vivid, says Deirdre Barrett, Ph D, clinical assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and author of Since dreams can help you tap into—and even solve—problems in your life, it pays to remember them.

Well, consider this: Experts say that keeping a closer eye on your dreams can actually help you improve your life.

"Every night when you dream, you subconsciously assess what's going on in your life," says Gayle Delaney, Ph D, author of What Happens When We Go to Sleep In the first 90 minutes of sleep, you go through deepening stages—ranging from light sleep to deep sleep.

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