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And yes, I broke my own rule and u-hauled early on. If you're somewhere in the middle -- say, you'd like to have sex with other partners but only with each other in the context of a 3-way, clarify that. Specifically, don't reference how they were in bed or how devastating the breakup was. I have to split the sexes here: WOMEN: Resist the urge to merge. I don't care if you live in Manhattan and it just makes financial sense. We'll even show you how to stay safe with online dating.The Internet has transformed dating for all populations, but the degree to which it has enhanced GLBT dating options is indescribable.This is another good LGBT dating site, boasting a respectable 250,000 LGBT members.Much like the other dating sites, this one finds matches based on personality tests.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where you could screen dates before ever meeting them, or let someone (or something) else pick potential matches for you?No matter how small the GLB or T pool of potential dates in your city may seem, online you'll be able to expand your dating circle.Planet Out personals has a wealth of GLBT profiles.It also offers a free personality assessment, and notifications on potential matches that are sent directly to your e-mail.Lavalife offers a little more leeway in that it can be catered to fit LGBT singles looking for a relationship or looking for causal dating.

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According to Consumer Rankings, Chemistry ranked highest among the LGBT dating sites.

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