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So fight we did, with three women delegates speaking eloquently in its favor as a constitutional right.One male Right-to-Life zealot spoke against, and Shirley Mac Laine also was an opposition speaker, on the grounds that this was a fundamental right but didn't belong in the platform. Clearly we would have won if Mc Govern's forces had left their delegates uninstructed and thus able to vote their consciences.On July 10, 1971, Steinem was one of over three hundred women who founded the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), including such notables as Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, and Myrlie Evers-Williams. We are talking about a society in which there will be no roles other than those chosen or those earned. Steinem, offended that the most famous female superhero had been depowered, had placed Wonder Woman (in costume) on the cover of the first issue of Ms.

Both have resisted pandering to the right, something that sets them apart from any Republican candidate, including John Mc Cain.

It is especially believed that the role of women in this act would help and support the reunification of family members divided by the split prolonged for 70 years.

A proponent of civil rights and fierce critic of the Vietnam War, Steinem was initially drawn to Senator Eugene Mc Carthy because of his "admirable record" on those issues, but in meeting him and hearing him speak, she found him "cautious, uninspired, and dry." As the campaign progressed, Steinem became baffled at "personally vicious" attacks that Mc Carthy leveled against his primary opponent Robert Kennedy, even as "his real opponent, Hubert Humphrey, went free." In 1968, Steinem was chosen to pitch the arguments to Mc Govern as to why he should enter the presidential race that year; he agreed, and Steinem "consecutively or simultaneously served as pamphlet writer, advance 'man', fund raiser, lobbyist of delegates, errand runner, and press secretary." Mc Govern lost the nomination at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and Steinem later wrote of her astonishment at Hubert Humphrey's "refusal even to suggest to Chicago Mayor Richard J.

She changed "from an energetic, fun-loving, book-loving" woman into "someone who was afraid to be alone, who could not hang on to reality long enough to hold a job, and who could rarely concentrate enough to read a book." While her parents divorced as a result of her mother's illness, Steinem did not attribute it to a result of chauvinism on the father's part, and she claims to have "understood and never blamed him for the breakup." Nevertheless, the impact of these events had a formative effect on her personality: while her father, a traveling salesman, had never provided much financial stability to the family, his exit aggravated their situation.

Esquire magazine features editor Clay Felker gave freelance writer Steinem what she later called her first "serious assignment", regarding contraception; he didn't like her first draft and had her re-write the article.

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