Blue screen of death after updating video driver

Time Required: It might take you several hours to fix a Blue Screen of Death, depending on the STOP Code.

Most Windows PCs are configured to reboot immediately after receiving a serious error like a BSOD.

I will try format the drive tomorrow and freshly install windows eight again.

If that fails il email AMD and the company I bought the card off and ask if they have any ideas or another card.

I will try anything even downgrade to wimdows seven at this stage.

I recently installed the game watch dogs After installing it i upgraded the drivers on my graphics card AMD Radion R9 200 series via the catalyst software and since then windows has been crashing on an ad-hoc basis even when sitting idle I have recieved two different sets of errors OXOOOOOOO1 and VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR I am running windows 8.1 with the driver 14.4 from AMD My PC shouldnt really be having this problem as it is pretty high spec due to my work Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is driving me up the walls a bit [UPDATE ] I have been looking around online and have crashed the PC a few times now trying to recreate the bug I have looked into the event history viewer and gotten the following errors amdacpusrsvc acpusrsvc: IOCTL_ACPKSD_KSD_TO_USR_SVC_SET_FB_APERTURES: FAILED acpusrsvc: Gfx Mem Service Initialize: FAILED amdacpusrsvc acpusrsvc: IOCTL_ACPKSD_KSD_TO_USR_SVC_SET_FB_APERTURES: FAILED amdacpusrsvc acpusrsvc: Gfx Mem Service Initialize: FAILED I took some advice from the AMD forums to re-install the old drivers to see if they would work.(After boot fails, I have Windows 7 repair itself, which it does by restoring to a state before I installed the graphics drivers.) I installed the version of the drivers that shipped with my motherboard, as well as the most recent version (dated 3/10, I think) from Intel's website. A Blue Screen of Death, also called a STOP Error, will appear when an issue is so serious that Windows must stop completely.unlucky for me we had lost cable at this point and my cd/dvd drive was not after we finally got cable back i tried re-installing all of the drivers and it seemed to have worked and i booted into normal mode.

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we are lucky enough to have a generator that is good enough to run all our lights and stuff as well as tv's and my dad said it would be okay to have my computer on as well.

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