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White, 26, is engaged to girlfriend Tanith Belbin, 29, the Sochi gold medalist taking to Instagram today to share the happy news and a pic of his newly short-haired self with his beaming fiancée (and her gleaming diamond ring)., revealing that he had been dating Belbin, a former ice dancer, for five years.Setting the scene: Olympic ice skaters Charlie White and Tanith Belbin, pictured in Hawaii last June where he popped the question, got married at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Detroit, on Saturday Her maid of honor was retired ice dancer Lauren Fenft, with bridesmaids that included Charlie's three sisters and his skating partner Meryl Davis, all wearing 'whatever dress they wanted in any shade of pink,' Tanith told the magazine.

In the end, it felt as though the last skating season ran straight into this one and we’re now doing our best to get our feet back underneath us.However, while most men would surely want to tell the world if they were lucky enough to be in his situation, White admitted that he tries to keep his off-ice partnership with Belbin a secret, for competitive reasons.[Photos: Five Olympic stories you can't miss]" data-reactid="14"[Photos: Five Olympic stories you can't miss]When asked by Yahoo Sports recently about the fact that during the last Olympics his relationship with Belbin was kept on the "down low," White said: "It actually still is. [Davis and I] are just presenting ourselves as a team, and all the rest of that [with Belbin] can wait for later."ice dancing's top team over the past two seasons and won Olympic silver four years ago.As part of their routine, they often portray characters that are in love, with as much realism as possible for the benefit of fans and judges." data-reactid="16"Davis and White have been ice dancing's top team over the past two seasons and won Olympic silver four years ago.“Then we will really make the big changes before Worlds when we have more time at home to do it,” added Agosto.“We are working very hard on the new program to make sure it is something we can really contend with.” The team plans to make it more difficult and intricate, as well as improving on the expression and the lines of the program.

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