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The governance process within n organization includes elements such as definition and communication of corporate control, key policies, enterprise risk management, regulatory and compliance management and oversight (e.g., compliance with ethics and options compliance as well as overall oversight of regulatory issues) and evaluating business performance through balanced scorecards, risk scorecards and operational dashboards.

A governance process integrates all these elements into a coherent process to drive corporate governance.

An integrated GRC approach enables an organization to integrate and streamline these individual compliance initiatives, so it can significantly reduce the cost of compliance.

As a result, organizations have ended up with dozens of such systems to manage individual governance, risk and compliance initiatives, each operating in its own silo.Many vendors window dress their point solution by re-labeling it as a GRC solution or adding support for a few additional regulations to claim multi-regulatory label.GRC Solution Framework and Key Capabilities In order to articulate what makes a solution a GRC solution, we must first lay out a GRC solution framework.Metric Stream enterprise solutions are used by leading corporations in diverse industries such as Automotive, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Electronics to manage their quality processes, regulatory and industry-mandated compliance and corporate governance initiatives.In addition Metric Stream’s Compliance portal is used by over a million compliance professionals worldwide to improve their work productivity and for professional growth.

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