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But then you find out this great person is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

In common terms, they are "HIV Positive." What kind of dating life can you have?

First, determine if the person you're involved with is getting the proper treatment for HIV.

With recent drug therapy, the viral load can be greatly reduced (even to the level considered 'undetectable,') and this not only helps protect the partner, but it keeps the person who has the virus in better health.

There's also an increase in stress if you're continually worried that the person you love isn't properly caring for himself or herself. It goes without saying that you should always use condoms during intimacy. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has excellent information on how HIV is transmitted, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Transmission is generally done through body fluids such as: Avoid contact with these types of body fluids when you are involved with an HIV partner.

Yes, you can have a fun and fulfilling dating life!

People with HIV go to the movies, dance, swim, take vacations, shop for groceries, work, go to college, and yes, date, fall in love and get married.

In some cases, you will need to consent for the test results to be reported to the local health department (especially if you want immediate results).

Naturally, you can ask about someone's status, but unless they've been tested recently (and even then, the results don't always show up if a person is newly infected), they may think they aren't infected, but still have the virus. Although there are some lifestyles and situations that might suggest your partner may be at risk of having HIV, it's important to know if they've been exposed to the virus.

If you're in a relationship that's headed for intimacy, do yourselves a mutual favor and get tested together, with an agreement that you'll disclose the information to each other.

If your female partner has HIV and the two of you want to conceive, consult the doctor ahead of time about the status of her virus, the appropriateness of this choice and the option of using artificial insemination to impregnate her.

The sperm can be harvested from the male partner (or a donor) and transferred to the woman with no risk to the male partner.

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Dating and falling in love is one of the most normal of human behaviors, and for the most part, it's no different for someone with HIV.

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