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Some say they stripped because they were proud of their muscular bodies and their tans. Athletes sometimes used a cord called a "dog leash" to tie off the foreskin of the penis.

It is unknown if this custom had sexual or aesthetic meanings.

Boxing and other sports were taught and practiced in gymnasiums.

During rainy weather, wrestling and the pankration were practiced under the colonnades.

The remains of a papyrus wrestling manual from the 2nd century AD reveal that the Greeks were familiar with headlocks, joint locks, shouldler holds, and other techniques used by modern wrestlers.

Because there were no time limits to matches, some would end in draws.

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A wrestler could submit under a chokehold and "tap out".

Wrestlers were sometimes killed in contest, but their opponents were never held responsible for homicide.

Rooms adjoining the colonnades were used for lectures, bathing, dressing and undressing, game playing, socializing, and the storage of equipment and olive oil.

Gay sex was rampant in the palaestra, despite official efforts to curb it.

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