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” Many students were surveyed and it was reported that a majority of them have been informed by their parents, and even their friends, to not pursue an interracial relationship.

However, when two authorities that were conducting this experiment interviewed some of the parents of these children, they received less harsher answers..

Being a Vietnamese American residing in the heart of Little Saigon (aka Vietnamese town) in Orange County, there definitely isn’t a drought of Vietnamese men.

It’s very easily possible for myself to come into contact with men of my ethnicity and likewise, it’s just as simple for other Vietnamese women, as well.

Aside from the positives it brings, I’ve witnessed many interracial marriages in which apart of each partner’s culture/identity were stripped away overtime.

The below two children were a part of the study and this is what they had to share: Jimmy, a Black 7th grader, had serial dated white girls and his parents seemed to disapprove. ‘ because all my girls have been white,” he said, adding, “it’s not like they were like, ‘You need to choose a black girl,’ it’s just they were asking me why I like white girls and I was just like, ‘ grader, shares that he doesn’t think his parents would approve of him sharing a romantic relationship with an African American girl.

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I recall my father scolding my sisters and me, saying: “Interracial dating is like allowing yourself to potentially form into a broken family.

You’re going to lose a part of your culture and you’re children will too.” .

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