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True diehards can subscribe to the old-journals RSS feed here. Date Published: 2008-10-29 Permalink Tags: Blog Old School These journals are fascinating -- I'm amazed that you kept such a detailed record of the design process at the time! I find the little videos awe-inspiring too -- it's fun to see how they compare and contrast to the final element.

I'm very pleased with the trend of writers, game designers, filmmakers, etc.

The graphic novel site also has an interview with A. For similar reasons, Hello Jordan, You've said you didn't make the casting decisions, but can you tell us: Is it true that David Zandi was once seriously considered for the title role? If it were your choice, would you have chosen any differently?

Just posted a new batch of old journal entries, bringing us up to September 1986.

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My college classmate Alex Epstein tipped me off that someone has been posting Samuel Pepys' diary, 343 years later to the day. Date Published: 2008-11-07 Permalink Tags: Blog One of my most hopeful daydreams as a kid was to discover a secret compartment in our house, perhaps in a wall or under the floorboards, containing a cache of old papers that would set me on the trail of a long-hidden secret.

I'll update these pages periodically, and add new ones as new projects reach a point where there's enough to say about them. Date Published: 2008-10-01 Permalink Tags: Blog I started keeping a journal my freshman year in college, and kept the habit for years afterward.

Date Published: 2008-10-02 Permalink Tags: Blog Old School Here's a page I started on the midnight flight from Casablanca to Ouarzazate and finished the next morning when I arrived on set.

What the drawing doesn't show is that it reached 125 degrees that day (52 Celsius).

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It occurred to me that as a case history, a time-capsule view of the videogame industry as it was in the 1980s, this was a story others might find interesting too.

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