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Interesting conflict stories from children of Korean immigrants to the United States surround how they manage eye contact with adults.

In school, when being reprimanded the teacher might say something to the effect of "Look at me when I'm talking to you." At home, if Mom is doing the reprimanding, making eye contact would make the situation far worse.

Maternal sensitivity was also shown to be stable over time.

In one study conducted by British psychologists from the University of Stirling among 20 British children at the age five, researchers concluded that among the children in the study, the children who avoid eye contact while considering their responses to questions are more likely to answer correctly than children who maintain eye contact.

While humans obtain useful information from looking at the face when listening to someone, the process of looking at faces is mentally demanding and takes processing.

Some bodies of parliamentary procedure ban eye contact between members when speaking.

For clinical evaluation purposes in the practice of psychiatry and clinical psychology, as part of a mental status exam, the clinician may describe the initiation, frequency, and quality of eye contact.

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