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Everyone is expected to help out with them, even if it is not part of your job position. The tap water is from a well and frequently brown or yellow. Communications: There are no land lines outside of the center of town.

This means the occasional walking of dogs, feeding of cats, housing potential new kittens in your room, and cleaning up after the cats. If you have a cell phone you may want to bring it with you. There are many internet cafes and international phone facilities in town.

Cats and Dogs: The cats and dogs live in and around the house.

Currently we have 63 cats and 6 dogs, and these numbers are increasing. As we have so many cats in the house they become a part of everyone’s day.

Cultural Norms: As a representative of the KWPLH, you need to follow certain cultural norms. Balikpapan is a very friendly area and attention is not negative but you will stand out and be a subject of curiosity. Cell phone SIM cards (for using your phone in Indonesia) cost only about Rp 50,000 (U$ 4.5). Limited emailing can be done on site on a laptop computer via cell phones.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country and is conservative in dress and sexual behavior. Web based mail is usually not possible but emails can be downloaded to a computer.

There are many flights from Balikpapan to Jakarta and from there to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore where new visa’s can be arranged. We will email you a letter stating that you are invited as a volunteer for this project.Cleaning of your personal space and belongings is entirely your responsibility.As the staff quarters are on site they are in the middle of a public area.This is so we can best suit your abilities to our needs.As we are in the process of developing the site our needs are constantly changing. At any given time there are only 1-3 native English speaking volunteers present.

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