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Android Studio provides a unified environment to develop apps for Android phones, tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto.

Start projects with code templates for patterns such as navigation drawer and view pagers, or import Google code samples from Git Hub.

For certain people this topic could make or break their experience.

It would be very important for ZTE to understand this issue and address it.

This is a topic that I've seen a lot of people neglect to give the importantance it deserves.

Many of us want the latest version of Android, and especially today it is important for security reasons.

World-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high quality apps.Note that on OSX, you typically install by just dragging the "Android Studio" app from the DMG folder to your Applications folder.Doing so will cause it to replace the previous install with the new install.With Gradle, Android Studio offers high-performance build automation, robust dependency management, and customizable build configurations.Target multiple form factors with a single project to easily share code among your different versions of your app.

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The new Android Emulator 2.0 is faster than ever and allows you to dynamically resize the emulator and access a suite of sensor controls.

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