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The "giant" awakens (emotionally) ravenous and is not aware of the extent his/her hunger drives the relationship.Our unmet emotional needs reside in our unconscious and are sealed off from our awareness.Almost a year after Karen Nagy's relationship ended, she still found herself wondering what happened. It wasn't the typical relationship that ran its course -- Ms. "No other boyfriend I had had behaviors quite like these," said the Greensburg native, 56, who now lives in southern Florida.She is a musician and an actor who teaches at Miami Dade College. Nagy's research, she couldn't find any books written for someone in her situation, so she decided it was hers to write.Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but assuming that we would not want our emotional and mental well-being to hinge on a miracle, is it worth the risk?But this is not what the recovering addict is thinking about.

The Hazelden website and online bookstore are temporarily down for maintenance. If you need help or information, call us at:800-257-7810 Our Mission: We are a force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected byaddiction to alcohol and other drugs."Girlfriend of Bill: 12 Things You Need to Know About Dating Someone in Recovery" is the first dating guide to broach the subject.The book (.95), published by Hazelden, is being released today."Sometimes it takes years for PIRs [people in recovery] to realize that their emotional sobriety is not progressing as well as their physical sobriety.This makes sense, because in early recovery they've got enough to do just trying to live clean and sober," Ms. "As a result, a non-PIR could very well be dating a 45-year-old PIR whose emotion age is 16!

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