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Dan Nayot, a fertility specialist with TCART Fertility Partners in Toronto, says he’s unsure if ‘tweaking’ would show an accurate result.One risk is that a tweaked test would still show a negative, and the woman might actually be pregnant.A woman might have a heavier period and never would have known she was pregnant,” says Nayot. I had at least three miscarriages and spent lots of money on pregnancy sticks before having my daughter six years ago.For some women who are trying to conceive, even a biochemical pregnancy could be good news: “It does prove that you’re ovulating, that at least one of your tubes is open, and that you were able to get to the embryo stage,” says Nayot. I suspect I also had a biochemical pregnancy—but I’ll never know for sure.The study stated that a specific smell is linked to cancer, and that's what the pup picked up on.

So if pregnancy has you riding the emotional roller coaster, your dog is probably along for the ride, too.

The incident was captured on the police officer's dash cam video.

While taking in a Lakers game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., Friday night, pregnant Olivia Wilde and her fiance Jason Sudeikis gave quite the PDA show to onlookers -- on the kiss cam, that is!

Or, if it shows a positive, it might indicate a biochemical pregnancy.

“A biochemical pregnancy is a sign of implantation, but very often the pregnancy doesn’t progress any further.

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Women in online baby chat-rooms are helping each other out, providing the technological know-how and emotional support. The Early HPT app available through i Tunes, allows you to load a picture of a pregnancy test from your camera and the app uses filters that enhance or darken the pregnancy test dye.

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