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Two sheriff's deputies responded, according to an incident report, separating the couple and getting statements from each one, as is standard practice. A deputy who hadn't yet completed the state's criminal justice academy training course — a trainee officer since identified as Dereck Johnson — was inside with the woman.

Once they were alone, the woman says, Johnson gave her the ultimatum: unless she performed oral sex on him, he would take her boyfriend to jail.

"She was not treated as the victim that she was." "What this is about is the powerful taking advantage of the powerless," Bamberg said. " A day after the alleged assault, Sheriff Leroy Ravenell fired Johnson and referred the case to state police, who investigated for more than a month.

"I kept begging him, 'No, no.' He said, 'If you don't do it, you're going to jail, too."' Honolulu cop caught raping girl, 14, by her mother For the next four minutes, with her 16-year-old daughter sleeping in a bedroom nearby, the woman says Johnson said nothing as he forced her into oral sex.

Justin Bamberg, who represents the woman, says the incident happened when deputies responded to a domestic call in Cordova on June 12.

Bamberg says one deputy remained outside with the woman's boyfriend while another was inside with the woman.

Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell released a statement Sunday saying the deputy was fired June 13 when the allegation emerged.

Although the name of the deputy hasn't yet been released, State Rep.

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