Symantec noy updating error 5

However, VSS writer errors are tied to applications or the operating system, rather than to Backup Exec.

If a reboot does not clear the error, you will have to troubleshoot the VSS writer itself (and the underlying application) rather than Backup Exec.

The following services need to be running: Oftentimes, you can force a service to start by right-clicking on it and choosing the Start command from the shortcut menu.

If that doesn't work, check the Application and System logs in the Event Viewer.

Sometimes Error 1053 is related to a permissions problem that keeps the database or one of the Backup Exec Services from starting.

You can check the permissions by entering at the server's Run prompt.

If the service is not running, you may be able to manually start the service by right clicking on it and selecting the Start command from the shortcut menu.In many cases, the error is accompanied by a message indicating the tape drive needs to be cleaned.However, cleaning the tape drive rarely corrects the problem.Symantec Backup Exec has been around in one form or another since the early 1990s and has a reputation as one of the more reliable backup products on the market. This tip discusses five of the most common Backup Exec errors and how to resolve them.This is probably the most common of all the Backup Exec error codes.

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