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The term "getting rejected" (and the like) falsely puts the blame on the individual for the "rejection".

It holds an untrue assumption that somehow the person asking "caused" the rejection to occur, or it has something specific to do with a deficit in him/her. Most of the causes for "rejection occurring" are outside of the requester's control and not personal.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor I've received multiple requests to discuss a difficult dating topic - "dealing with rejection". The misconceptions, bad behavior, and hard feelings surrounding rejection can sometimes create deep wounds.

I've seen too many good men and women suffer needlessly because of it.

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Matched with destiny, your future trips happily towards the light.

This is the best case scenario, a situation that everybody assures you will happen, regardless of how dire it all looks.

When it’s over, you’re euphoric or despondent, alternating between mapping out a future for yourself or envisioning waiting for an email that never arrives.You’ll be the ones turning them away,” yet another friend assures you, with great seriousness.“They’re all waiting for you to show up.” Emboldened by these testimonials, maybe you find someone, or something, that just works for you. He is intelligent, and asks all the right questions about your career.You fall asleep that night with dreams of double dates and long hangouts in the waning summer light dancing through your head. The fear of rejection is the reason a lot of people eschew dating completely, preferring to limit their interactions to encounters that require less emotional commitment and effort. “It’s not you, it’s me” is a terrible thing to hear; it’s cliched, it’s unclear, and most of all, it is a shitty deflection technique, deployed by people who aren’t brave enough to admit what the real problem is. Sure, some weirdo you met on the internet kissed you once or twice or maybe three times, took you out to a couple of weird bars and that one movie neither of you liked, and then at the end of the whole thing, decided that he wasn’t into it. Yeah, the feeling sucks, but it’s also not the worst thing in the world, and it should not stop you from being the successful and happy dating butterfly you’re meant to be.A few more dates go by, each one better than the first, and you can’t help it, but you’ve already started to form an attachment against your better judgement. Rejection is the risk you take when you put yourself out into the world, and it’s a big one. If someone tells you that they “aren’t ready for a relationship,” you have two choices: Whine about how that’s bullshit, or accept the fact that hey, maybe they’re telling the truth. Process the rejection, but also use it as an opportunity to look closer at what you really want. If you’ve run into a string of bad luck in your dating life, it’s natural to want to put on your comfiest sweatshirt and attempt to slowly disappear into the embrace of your sofa, a pint of ice cream in your hands, but don’t stay there too long.

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