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He put the fluid in my car and asked if I spoke English.

He told me he was going to study abroad in Texas and asked me out to dinner.

(Mind you this was all in Japanese.) I thanked him for his offer, and made an excuse saying I was busy. If he wanted to get to know because he thought I was interesting, I might have reconsidered.

Since he didn’t bother to try to get to know me, I wasn’t going to bother with him either.

They send subtle signs like frequent texts or heart emojis. Is he sending this emoji because it’s common and cute or because he likes me? He’s the in the know guy, the one who speaks great English and is surrounded by foreign friends.

” (all you can drink), exchange numbers, sleep with them, and never bother calling them back. All it does is leave a bad taste in your mouth, discouragement and a trail of broken hearts. Making new friends requires a numerous amount of effort.

Knowing what I do about Japanese culture, this strong male character doesn’t work. Japanese don’t like conflict and approaching someone can be scary especially outside their social group.

Most high school boys are not fully grown and are still kind of short. Yes, they do have their high school crushes and sweethearts (I know because they tell me in English and Japanese), but the girls are much more outgoing than the boys! Whenever she is asked by Japanese male friends to set them up with a Western female, they always say, “Do you have any American friends you can introduce me to? Why would there be a need for a rent a friend, if it was easy to make friends in Japan?

I feel super uncomfortable on group dates because a date should be in between me and the person I like and not shared with a bunch of people.

After spending time with the person, a love confession means they want to date you.

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