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When I was at AECC we were thought not to use fingers to do a breast exam because the patient might get the wrong idea.Now we have a girlfriend getting the wrong idea so you would be advised to use a tongue instead of fingers for sexual pleasure as fingers could be confused with chiropractic palpation.

Basically the PCC took Ms As word for everything she accused Stewart of, which begs the question how come the police did not charge Stuart?

The police conducted a thorough enquiry, they interviewed all my staff and took forensic evidence and decided I was not a threat to the public.

Nevertheless I was suspended from the Chiropractic register in December 2009 by the GCC.

Would the HPC charge a physiotherapist who massaged a girl he picked up in a club before they had sex? On Wednesday the GCC contacted Stuart inviting to come down for the last day of the ten day hearing to give it some credibility.

They gave him one last chance to make a statement and from the committees comments in the sanction it would appear what the wanted, was for Stuart to present himself, admit his guilt and justify their decision to suspend him last December.

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