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Автор сайта собрал много разнообразной информации о собаках.

Between 13 the Hojo weakened but could not completely destroy the roving Akuto. Shinto deity; the goddess of the sun and progenitor of the Imperial family. Largely developed in response to the Onin War, the Ashigaru became the backbone of all daimyo armies in the 16 Century, especially after the widespread adoption of the matchlock.

The daughter of IZANAGI and IZANAMI, Amaterasu is also said to have taught her people how to cultivate food and raise silk worms. Until the 1590s, an ashigaru was normally a peasant who worked in his home village when not on his lords campaigns.

Bakuhan - Modern term used to describe the Tokugawa (BAUKUfu) rule over the domains of the daimyo (HAN).

Bansho - Captain; found occasionally in 16 Century records (especially relating to the Hj clan).

Biwa - Gourd-shaped lute-a musical instrument that predated the SAMISEN.

Agemaki - Ornamental bow common in armor throughout samurai history.2) Term occasionally used to describe the period of Oda Nobunaga's ascendancy (1573-1582). Bakufu - Tent/Camp government: term used to refer the shogunate or, in the case of the Hojo Regency, the military government.Bakufu could also be more narrowly applied to the headquarters of the shogunate.Azuchi - 1) Castle in mi completed by Oda Nobunaga in 1578.Designed by Niwa Nagahide, Azuchi was the greatest castle of Japan in it's day and was lavishly decorated.

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