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This policy includes protection for women, men, and all members of the LGBTQIA community.NSU strongly advocates reporting sex discrimination, sexual assault, or sexual harassment.If a student discloses an incident they will learn options for assistance, such as health and wellbeing counseling, residence and class accommodations, and options for filing complaints or criminal charges.Disclosure to University personnel will not obligate the complainant to file a grievance or criminal charge, nor will it subject the complainant to scrutiny or judgmental opinions.For more information about how you or your student organization can get involved in eliminating sexual misconduct in our community, contact student advocate Lori Le Blanc at (318) 357-5570, [email protected], or 308 Student Union.

Northwestern State provides amnesty–forgiveness of nonviolent student conduct violations, such as underage drinking–for any student reporting sexual misconduct in good faith.Additionally, please download this pamphlet to give to the student: NSU: Not Alone—Committed to Advocating for Students Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment What is the role of the Title IX Coordinator?The Title IX Coordinator ensures schools are compliant with Title IX, oversees educational efforts for students, faculty, and staff, coordinates the investigation and disciplinary process, and looks for patterns or systemic problems with compliance to ensure schools fulfill all their federal obligations. All reporting of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct is treated as confidential to the greatest extent possible; the privacy of all individuals involved is important to the Northwestern State.Mandy takes after her father, Captain Sig Hansen, in more ways than one. After several summers working on the Northwestern for salmon tendering, Mandy is certain she wants to work full-time on deck as soon as she graduates high school.Sig does not approve of “fisherwomen,” but if his daughter is going out to sea, he would rather her fish on his deck where he can keep an eye on her.

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