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"We were told that jealousy was not part of the swinging culture.

But how can you not get jealous when you watch your husband enjoy himself thoroughly with someone else every week?

What is their trick to not raising any curious eyebrows at the hotel? The couple entertain other swingers in their home at least three times a month. Some of our closest friends are the ones we met at swinging parties." The couple sometimes go on holiday with other swingers. We have already set our minds so we will not get jealous.

Act like they are part of a tour group by carrying maps and files. Isn't it better than cheating on your spouse and lying? The friendship formed with the other couples, they say, is not just about physical attraction. They share the same bedroom and swap partners for meals and sightseeing. In fact it is a turn-on to watch Tina with someone else. Tina said talking about their session when they get home, is a another major turn-on.

This lifestyle might work for some, but it definitely did not work for me," she said. not that it is being exposed,i think it will also disappear soon. whilst there are genuine ones, most will just bring a hooker to post as girlfriend. If your partner is hot, why would you let other people screw?

Don't believe a shit when people tell you about participants being executive, professionals, young and hot.

"When I found out he had been deceiving me, I asked for a divorce.

They swear this "open" concept strengthens their marriages by suppressing any need to cheat.

But beneath this outwardly desirable lifestyle lies many problems.

Many are enjoying the swinging lifestyle as much as George and Tina, but an equal number have ended their marriages.

Joan (not her real name) is one wife who could not live in the swinging community for long.

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"We were married for five years when my husband first suggested the idea of swapping partners. We went to a swing party, where we got to know other married couples. "The first year we only swapped partners once a month.

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