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If your device uses a standard or micro size, you will need the standard/micro Page Plus Dual SIM card. When you activate a device, our system will determine if your device is 3G or 4G, and activate it onto the appropriate service. First, make sure you have a phone guaranteed to work on Page Plus and then decide if you want a new phone number, or wish to port your number into Page Plus from another carrier.Use caution with the dual SIM card when detaching to the correct size (standard or micro) for your phone. Once you decide if you will be activating with a new phone number or porting in, activate your account using one of the following methods: 1.) Call Customer Service at 1-800-550-2436 and request a new activation or port-in2.) Online at Every letter we receive is reviewed and acted upon promptly.Please include your full name and Exede service address in your correspondence.It can take me up to half an hour to call a crisis hotline. According to the web site, Lifeline Crisis Chat is a free service for “Anyone who is depressed, despairing, going through a hard time and just needs to talk, including people who are thinking about suicide.

Want to send a complaint, issue, or praise directly to our executive leadership team?

The SIM card slot on some devices is located on the side of the phone. Page Plus - Click here to get started3.) Visit a Page Plus authorized dealer and request a new activation or port-in4.) Live Chat with a representative when logged into your Online Account and request a new activation or port-in All new activations will receive a complimentary .00 Activation Credit for you to get started with our service.

On other devices, it is located under the battery and will require you to remove the battery in order to access the SIM slot. Once activated, you will need to program your phone (See the question below). Once activated (See above question), you will need to program your phone before you can use it.

This step is necessary to activate your Page Plus account.

You should hear a message that says: “Welcome to your new prepaid wireless service.

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