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Jazz is the ‘cherry on top’ of a perfect dinner date… For some romantic memories and the ultimate , get along to the Jazz Festival this year.Lord Mayor’s Show & Firework Display: 12th Saturday A great excuse to take a bottle or wine and snuggle under a blanket to watch the firework display, great date idea!You’d be surprised and shocked to know that friends often see you completely differently to the way you see yourself.However, unless you have a very open and special relationship with them, they would never dream of saying so.If thinks don’t turn out the way you hope with your drop-dead gorgeous date, it’s… Tags: Confidence, dating, Love, Rejection, Relationships If you have a date planned for the near future, or a special someone that you can spoil and take out – there are sure to be some deals to benefit you.They have great deals for West End Theatre, Restaurants, Massages and Beauty Packages (what girl would be complaining if they received this?! ) make sure you subscribe to the emails and get the hottest and best deals around London town! It’s a tragic love story that follows the lives of two very individual people.

We don't want you to see this as a job interview, but you do have to make a good impression in 3 minutes, as well as learning as much as you can about your date.

As written in the info, the video is from a dating service in the 80’s and they’ve made a montage of all the most undesirable men that came through to them. This is where we come in: to avoid this kind of blind dating.

We choose the people we believe YOU are most suited too, to avoid those blind-date blues. It’s a sad day when we start to realise that Summer is over for all the ‘Londonites’ for yet another year.

It has been reviewed as a “modern day classic”, written by David Nicholls and we’re also quite excited to see what other books he’s got on shelf.

If you are yet to read it, make sure you get a copy before the big movie is due out on 24th August.

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Do A paradoxical feature of faulty self-image is that we can be convinced by our rose-tinted vision of ourselves while, at the same time, suffering low self-esteem.

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