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The stereotypical “good flirt” is a man who easily picks up women, usually at a bar or club, or maybe a woman who can score free drinks from guys all night long. […] Read more Twitter may not be e Harmony…but what do you do if your crush loves to tweet away? Fun holiday pickup lines are hardly out of place in the season of cheesy Rudolph sweaters and polyester Santa hats. Have friends casually introduce you to their single friends […] Read more ‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry — and flirt a little.

Naturally, you’ll want to follow with a short explanation (“I love the shadows in your photo” or “What camera did you use? ” that promises at least to put a smile on the reader’s face. “Go to the kitchen, pour yourself a drink, and pretend I just bought it for you.” Cute, right?A lot of sites, like Friend Finder, allow you to “flirt” — that is, send virtual winks, smiles, waves, and so on.This line takes that idea a step further and maybe even foreshadows a date in the future. “I’m sorry; I accidentally deleted your last email. ” If you’re lucky, you’ll get a response of “I didn’t send you an email.” Then you’ll reply with “Well, now that we’re emailing, you can!The responses that I got varied drastically and I was actually very surprised by some of the answers and I was even more surprised at how clueless some of these guys were, judging by their responses! The best way to pick up a girl is to use an original “pick up line”.Take a look at some of these shocking pick up lines: “Hey you’re really pretty. Make sure you read her profile before sending her a line because you want to put something personal in it.

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